Recent Activity

  • June 2019:

    A book derived from my collaboration with Jeremery Fernando, Nine Rings Around a Pit is recently published by Berfrois Press.

  • October 2017:

    Zhang, X., Constable, M., Chan, K. L., Yu, J., & Junyan, W. Computational Approaches in the Transfer of Aesthetic Values from Paintings to Photographs. Details here.

  • December 2017:

    Delivered the keynote address at the Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology (PSIVT). This is a high-quality series of symposia that aim at providing a forum for researchers and practitioners who are contributing to theoretical advances or practical implementations in image and video technology. At this keynote, I will present a summary of our research on colour contrast in the aesthetic domain. Details here.

Selected Press

  • Chea Ui-Hoon, Collective Artistry, Business Times

    A lengthy article on the many artist's collectives in Singapore. Grieve Perspective is heavly featured. [PNG, 0.86mb]

  • 2012, Patrick Benjamin, InSIng, InSing

    A short, glowing review of the Grieve Perspective exhibition 'The Obits' (at Chan Hampe Galleries). [PDF, 1.57mb]

  • 2008, David Barrett, Exelcior Mortis, Post Museum of Singapore

    This catalogue was produced by Post Museum of Singapore to accompany Martin's one-man show: Exelcior Mortis. Essay by David Barrett. [PDF, 9.46mb]

Selected Publications

  • Constable, M. (February 2015). “The Analogue and the Digital Head-Death.” Visual Studies. Taylor & Francis. UK. [PDF, 1.67mb]
  • Constable. M., Wang. J., Chan, K. L. & Zhang, X. (2015). “A Definition of Global Hue Contrast in Artworks.” Journal of the International Colour Association (JAIC). University of Leeds, UK. [PDF, 0.35mb]
  • Constable, M. (2014). “On Contrast.” Turps Banana. London, UK. (Issue. 14, pp. 50-57). [PDF, 0.82mb]
  • Constable, M., Dauwels, J., Dauwels. S., (2015). “Visualising a Dyadic Conversation Using a Game Engine.” In Autonomous Virtual Humans and Social Robots (pp.75-103), New York, USA.: Springer. [PDF, 1.84mb]
  • Constable, M. & Tan, A. (Nov. 2009). “Visual Digitality: Towards Another Understanding.” Proceedings of Re:Live Media Art Histories. Melbourne, Australia. (pp. 26-29). [PDF, 1.40mb]